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Welcome to the Bridging the Gap ICT PD Cluster wiki

Three Key Cluster Questions:

  • What is needed to learn how to "live well" and to learn how to "learn well"?

  • What are the conditions of value in teaching and learning that will support these learning experiences?

  • How might e-learning enhance or betray these conditions of value

Cluster Goals


1. Implement the principles of the New Zealand Curriculum/Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, through learning programmes that develop; an understanding of student learning outcomes through SOLO Taxonomy, and the effective integration of e-learning.
2. Increase teacher knowledge and expertise in raising student achievement through effective e-learning.
3. Ensure a range of regular and open communication to build learning communities within and across cluster schools.
4. Strengthen leadership in the use of e-learning to enhance effective teaching and learning. Develop strategic e-learning leadership and ICT plans for each school.
5. Communicate changes in pedagogy and use of e-learning to the school community.

Cluster Schools

Cluster Blog

Bridging the Gap Cluster

Cluster Facilitation:

1. Pam Hook (HookED) and Julie Mills

2. Bridging the Gap Cluster Schools - e-learning leaders and lead teachers


Places of Interest

The ICT PD Online area on Centre4
access code is ictpd

ICT PD Online provides clusters in the ICT PD programme with an online professional learning environment that promotes critical and reflective practice, and the sharing of ideas, experience, information and resources. Our community includes national facilitators, principals, ICT facilitators, project directors, lead teachers, teachers, and support people, and welcomes others who are interested.
The attached file has step by step instructions to help you log in to the Centre4 Online community.external image msword.png Joining ICTPD Online and your new cluster site.doc
Please join and encourage your lead teachers for 2008 to log in. This community is open to any other cluster teachers who would enjoy being part of the ict_pd online community which will involve several online conferences this year.