Al-Madinah BTG ms_3

Al-Madinah BTG Ms_3

Evidence of learning outcomes

BTG Milestone Goal #1

Implement the principles of the New Zealand Curriculum/Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, through learning programmes that develop; an understanding of student learning outcomes through SOLO Taxonomy, and the effective integration of e-learning

SOLO: Classroom Display


SOLO: Rules and Laws

SOLO: Law Y10

SOLO: Character analysis

Empowerment in Lord of the Flies

SOLO: Self-assessment

Redox reactions and Kidney function

SOLO Self Assessment: Redox Reactions and Kidney Function



Poetry Y7/8

Creative Writing

SOLO: Plain English Y13

SOLO: Water

SOLO: Flowers

SOLO: Compare and contrast

Owls and eagles
SOLO: Compare and Contrast Owls and Eagles

SOLO: Describe


SOLO: Describe animals

Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, India

SOLO: Describe Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Iraq

SOLO Planning

Constructive alignment

Social Sciences - Past and Present (Term 2)

BTG Milestone Goal #2

Increase capability of teachers and principals to improve students’ learning and achievement through e-learning;

MSPowerPoint Presentation

Using DataProjector


BTG Milestone Goal #3

Ensure a range of regular and open communication to build learning communities within and across cluster schools.

SOLO PD: Staff Meeting Minutes

Staff Meeting Minutes: SOLO PD

Learning at School 2011

Sharing of new learning

Lead teachers report

Useful educational websites

BTG Milestone Goal #4

Increase e-learning leadership and ICT strategic planning capability of principals and teachers;
Develop strategic e-learning leadership and ICT plans for each school.

BTG Milestone Goal #5

Communicate changes in pedagogy and use of e-learning to the school community.