Auckland Cluster Network Meetings

Auckland Cluster Network Meeting These meetings combined are with other Auckland clusters and NSSF Nick Rate. All content, delivery methodologies and outcomes will be discussed with cluster prior to the meeting, so that we are clear on purpose and intended audience. Last year several lead teachers attended and found some content was not applicable to them. Information will be accessible @


Meeting 1

Date: Thursday April 22nd 2010
Time: 10.00am to 2.30pm
Location: Willowbank School (Eastern Block Elearning cluster).


BTG Cluster Attendance: MargaretPalmer (Lead School Principal), Judy Elliott (Cluster Administrator), Julie Mills (Hooked on Thinking Facilitator), Glenis Martin (Hooked on Thinking Facilitator)


Resources and Links Shared:
Digistore and Software for learning
Looking at effective milestone reports and the template
Combination of 2009 End of Year Survey results and ICT PD self-assessment rubric organised around the five national goals
Advice for directors and facilitators from those in those roles from the 2009 End of Year Survey
Ideas and resources shared from those at the meeting

Meeting 2

Date: Thursday September 16 2010


BTG Cluster Attendance: