Cluster Sink

The Finale Plan for BTG ICT Cluster - Al Madinah:

November 14th 3.30 – 4.30

Run Sheet

Principals arrive early to help set up.
Invites sent out (MP)
3.30 arrive with a welcome at the door from principals

  1. (each school responsible for their own teachers’ name tags)
  2. MP to purchase small chocolates for welcome
  3. Refreshments of juice, lemonade and cheese snacks available (MP to liaise with AA)
3.40 Official welcome Asin then mix and mingle activity that Julie is making
3.50 school presentations (10 minutes each – 7 for sharing 3 for thanking!!):
    1. Of what we tried, failed and learned
    2. acknowledgments

i.Jean Batten – thanking Judy and Christine
ii.Waterlea – thanking Julie, Glenis, Jane and Pam
iii.Al Madinah – thanking in-school facilitators and lead teachers
4.25 Wrap up (MP/PJ/AJ)
4.30 Those who would like to stay and chat are most welcome to linger on. (Principals help pack up)

School Presentations

Report on the Sink

(Photos from Syed and Pam)