Cluster Milestones


The purpose of the milestone reporting process is:-
  • To provide clusters with the opportunity to reflect in a focussed way on their progress and to inform their future planning
  • To provide National facilitators with an overview of cluster programme progress so facilitators can support the formative learning processes
  • To provide the Ministry of Education with information to evaluate the ICT PD national programme; allowing the identification of issues and trends and exemplar practice.
  • To provide the Ministry of Education with evidence that an individual cluster is complying with the contracted agreement.

BTG ms_2010

BTG_ ms_1

BTG ms_1 Feedback

BTG ms_2

BTG ms_2 Feedback

BTG ms_2011

BTG ms_3

BTG ms_3 Feedback

BTG ms_4

BTG ms_4 Feedback

BTG ms_2012

BTG ms_5

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BTG ms_6

BTG ms_6 Feedback