Cluster Programme

The BTG Cluster Programme is designed to target our cluster goals.

BTG Cluster Goals
1. Implement the principles of the New Zealand Curriculum/Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, through learning programmes that develop; an understanding of student learning outcomes through SOLO Taxonomy, and the effective integration of e-learning.
2. Increase teacher knowledge and expertise in raising student achievement through effective e-learning.
3. Ensure a range of regular and open communication to build learning communities within and across cluster schools.
4. Strengthen leadership in the use of e-learning to enhance effective teaching and learning. Develop strategic e-learning leadership and ICT plans for each school.
5. Communicate changes in pedagogy and use of e-learning to the school community.

Cluster Launch

Thursday 11 March 2010
Jean Batten School
Goal Focus: #3

Cluster Launch
It was with much fanfare that the Bridging the Gap Cluster Launch took place, at Jean Batten School on 11 March 2010.

As the cars arrived and the teachers were greeting each other, and the sun was shining the powhiri began. This was to set the stage for a wonderful welcome for all who belong to this cluster. The set up of the hall was thoughtful and the greeting by each Principal in the Cluster, were impressive.

A huge space was made for the teachers to get into their year slots to discuss the technology that was around in "their" time. Much laughter was had when they all thought back to the banda machine, radio broadcasts and the gestetner and realised how far we have come in ICT. This was followed by drinks and nibbles and making new friends.

If this was the beginning of the contract I look forward to the journey and the party at the end.

Glenis Martin

Cluster School Introductory Visits

11 February 2010
Goal Focus #3

Julie Mills and I, two of the Hooked-on-Thinking Facilitators, along with Jane Lomas, the ICT Facilitator visited the four schools in the Bridgng the Gap Cluster. This was a very informal visit, introducing ourselves to the Principal's, as well as formalising the Cluster calendar for the year. Each school selected their face-to-face dates for when Hooked-on-Thinking and Jane Lomas would be going into each school to provide professional development. Each Principal gave us a school tour to familise ourselves with the surrounding. Both Julie, Pam and I look forward to working with each school.

Glenis Martin
Hooked-on-Thinking Facilitator

Principal Leadership Meetings.

Goal Foci: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

Principals Meetings

Lead Teacher Professional Learning Days.

Goal Foci: #1, #2, #3, #4

Lead Teacher Days

Cluster School Professional Learning Days.

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Face to Face Days

National Conferences and Online Conferences

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Reports on cluster attendance/ presentation
(n.b. L@S compulsory for Lead School Principal, Facilitators and Director.)

Learning at School 2010
February 24 - 26

HWEN conference 2010
July 14 - 16

ULearn conference 2010
October 6 - 8

L@S Conference 2011
February 22 - 25

Cluster Teacher Only Days

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Call-back Day

Induction for new cluster personnel.

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Cluster Junior, Middle and Senior School Workshops

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Online professional learning environment

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Shared Cluster Wiki
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Cluster Student-led seminar/ unconference
Cluster Community Communication
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