How do I turn it on?

Sometimes the biggest challenge when using ICTs is finding out how to turn it on. This is a space to host all the useful instructional videos and instruction sheets you stumble over when trying to make stuff work. Some of you will even be bold enough to upload or embed your own "walk throughs".

Nixit's Checklist

What does a computer user really need to know? I’m talking about the checklist of skills here that mean that a person can operate the piece of silicon in front of them.
This question is regularly thrown at me by schools that are doing their planning and want to know what skills they should be teaching at year zero, year one, … so that they can produce competent users of ICTs at whatever age their students leave. I’m really wary of skills checklists. I believe that everyone needs the same core skills – at any age. If a child starts as a new entrant, they have the same requirements as a child who enters the school at year five. Or for that matter a teacher who moves to the school after many years of working on an alternative platform. While I’m focussing on Macs and PCs here, the same core skills could apply to moving to a Linux platform or using a tablet PC. Or using a PDA or a phone. Checklist Post

Russell Stannard Resources

Russell Stannard, principal lecturer in Multimedia/ICT at the University of Westminster has some excellent videos on technologyand on English language teaching.

These videos were created for teachers to help them to incorporate technology into their teaching. Just click and a video will open and take you through how to use that technology. These videos are for any teachers or lecturers, indeed for anyone interested in learning how to use the technologies. My own background is in teaching English, so some of the sites are specific to English teaching and these are grouped separately, you simply need to scroll down to see them. There is also a special page of videos for students interested in multimedia, where you can learn Flash, Director and Photoshop
They are accessible, well produced resources and will provide a valuable self help for our cluster teachers.


Videos available include:
Blogger, Second Life, Mindmapping,Online Surveys,RSS Feeds,YouTube,iTunes for Podcasts,PowerPoint,How to create a blog,How to do better searches on the Internet,Photoshop basics,How to use and make wikis,How to use Delicious,Tips and tricks for Word, Drawing and recording site,Voicethread,etc

Plus a selection of English Language Teaching videos

Wikispaces Wikis

How to start -
If you want to create your own education wikis, you can use this link: teachers100K and they will automatically be created as K-12 wikis {minus the advertisements].

Mokoia Intermediate Checklist of ICT skills

Twitter for Educational Purposes