How do I keep it safe?

This is a space for guidelines and strategies when working with students in online environments.


NetSafe is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes confident, safe, and responsible use of Cyberspace.

Policies and Use Agreements
School Websites
Blogging Guidelines for Schools
Pamphlets and Posters
Cyber-Safety Kit
Online Training Modules for Principals and Board Members

TKI: Guidelines for Schools: Online Publication.

How should we use Student Images and Work Online

Netsafe Blogging Guidelines for Schools
Purpose - to assist schools in developing a policy for the safe and educationally appropriate use of web-logs or blogs.
Although the document addresses blogs specifically, the concepts can be applied to the use of a variety of read/write web tools designed to facilitate communication, commonly called Web2.0

  1. Why use a school blog
  2. Establishing an educational blog
  3. Monitoring and managing the school blog?
  4. Privacy and copyright
  5. Platforms and tools
  6. Discussion questions for your school

Using Twitter in Schools

Tawa Intermediate BYOD School Policy

Newmarket Primary School

That's Not Cool Dot Com

The Next Generation Learning
E-safety knowledge and skills for keeping children and young people safe online.

Digital Dossier