Jean Batten Milestone 6

BTG Milestone Goal #1

National Goal: Increase the capability of students to become successful digital citizens
Cluster Goal: Provide explicit opportunities for skilled and active development of the e-competencies. (Cobo Romani 2009)
e.g. e-awareness/ Media literacy/ Technological Literacy/ Digital Literacy/ Informational Literacy



BTG Milestone Goal #2

National Goal: Increase the capability of principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational)
Cluster Goal: Strengthen leadership in the use of e-learning to enhance effective teaching and learning.


a. Jean Batten School website:
During the course of the contract there has been opportunity for me, as Principal of the school, to meet with in-school facilitators from the cluster schools to discuss a range of issues related to their role. This has been a valuable opportunity for them to share the positive work they have been doing in their schools and to offer their experiences to other members of the group for them to try in their schools. It has also been an opportunity for me to facilitate discussions around problems that each of the members of the group has encountered in order to find group solutions, and often to find group agreement, about the shared problem. Group members have found this to be a useful time together as many of the problems they have encountered have been problems in all schools so their feelings of frustration and isolation have been alleviated. It has also given the group members new ideas and actions to take back to their schools to share with staff and has given me insight to the problems and possibilities staff members are facing as ICT use has developed within the school/cluster.

BTG Milestone Goal #3

National Goal: Increase the capability of teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students
Cluster Goal: Implement the principles of the New Zealand Curriculum/Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, through learning programmes that develop; an understanding of student learning outcomes through SOLO Taxonomy, and the effective integration of e-learning.


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BTG Milestone Goal #4

National Goal:Increase the capability of family and whānau to actively participate in their child’s learning
Cluster Goal/s:Communicate changes in pedagogy and use of e-learning to the school community.
Collaborate to ensure family and whānau participate in children’s learning.


d. Triadic Interview Powerpoints

BTG Milestone Goal #5

National Goal: Increase the capability of the sector by sharing online professional reflections to inform colleagues of the challenges and opportunities afforded by e-learning
These reports will be shared with the sector online in the Virtual Learning Network [VLN] (//